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KidsPlay Sports and the Coach David difference…
There are tons of benefits for why it’s a great idea to engage your child at an early age in a sports program from developing motor skills, socialization, plain physical activity and bonding - just to name a few.

The challenge for Moms and Dads is there so many sports programs out there it’s hard to know which to choose.

Here are some common complaints:

“We joined a reputable league but the coach was a volunteer, I don’t think he even played the sport”

“We never got a lick of feedback, I couldn’t tell you what the name of the coach was”

“My son was just making progress, breaking out of his shell his coach was just swapped without notice”

“I tried to get the coach I wanted but they kept saying they just couldn’t do that”

“They just kept running the same drills over and over, no wonder my child lost interest”

“There was just too much sitting around, I was wondering when the game would start”

“Our kid just outgrew the program”

“Way too competitive, we just wanted to have fun”

With feedback like this, it’s no wonder  that the National Alliance for Sports reports that 70 percent of kids quit playing these league sports by age 13 -- and never play them again!

Is there a better way to help to promote active living and athleticism?

Coach David and KidsPlay Sports seem to think so. That’s why, when it came time for Coach David to break out on his own, he wanted to develop a creative and unique children’s sports company that only had real coaches, who had played all the sports they were teaching and possessed the kind of creative intelligence that can only come from someone who is a kid at heart. 

His motivation was simple:
•    Help kids develop a love and  passion for sports and active living at early age
•    Help kids understand not just how to pass, jump or kick but when to pass, jump or kick
•    Help kids have so much fun, they will never think of quitting  sports

Sports. Kids. Fun…That’s KidsPlay Sports!

And who is Coach David? Athlete, Coach, Biggest kid you’ll ever meet…more

National Alliance for Sports reports that 70 percent of kids quit playing these league sports by age 13 -- and never play them again!


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