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 Birthday Parties and Special Events

Celebrate your child’s big day with a Coach David party.  To get started, just fill out the form below: 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What can I expect from here?

We will check our calendar and let you know if your desired date is available. In the event of a conflict we will provide some alternate options. If your date is available, we will send  you a tentative electronic invite.

2. Does Coach David handle the booking of the venue?

We don't get involved in booking the venue since everyone's needs are so different. 

There are lots of good options, backyard, basement, park or gym.Coach David is flexible and has a variety of sports and interactive games that will work in any environment.

If you are thinking about a Burlington Gym, we suggest you reach to our friends at Brant Hills Community Centre and they will be happy to set you up.

Once your date, time and venue are confirmed we will work with you to convert our tentative booking into an official one.

3. Do we need to rent any equipment?

Coach David is a self-contained, mobile party unit and the gear he brings usually depends on what the child has requested and the venue. For example it might not make sense to bring floor hockey sticks if we are in someone's basement.

Usually we have a regular assortment of bean bags, cones, hoops, pug nets, tennis balls, footballs, rugby balls, soccer balls, foam balls (good for indoor soccer, basketball,  volleyball, dodgeball) baseball bat and plates.

We'll also make use of the equipment supplied the community centres like hockey nets and benches.

4. What does Coach David charge for birthdays? 

Coach David charges $100 for the first hour and $20 for each additional half hour. So 1.5 hours will be $120 and 2 hours would be $140.

5. Do I need to provide a deposit? How do we pay?

We request a 50% deposit once date, time and location have been established. Payment can be made via credit card/PayPal by clicking on the invoice link sent from FreshBooks. We accept eTransfers to If paying by cash/cheque, please place in envelope with invoice number written on front of envelope/invoice number on the cheque, made out to KidsPlay Sports.

6. My venue is confirmed and Coach David is confirmed, now what?

Your all set to go. If you have any concerns or special inquiries simply contact

7. We have a special theme for the birthday how can Coach David make it extra special?

Coach will go out of his way to adapt activities to suit the theme of the day. Popular themes include Spiderman, Star Wars, Ninjas, Harry Potter, Pirates, Prince and Princesses etc. Simply notify of us of any special instructions at

8. Will Coach David wear a costume?

Coach David does a stellar job of holding kids attention during a party but that can be disrupted if Coach David needs to step away to put on a costume. Coach David will however be more than pleased to work with a parent or family friend who wants to wear a costume on the day.

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