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Congratulations Jenell Masse,

Jenell is the proud recipient of $100 KidsPlay Dollars for her winning entry in our video contest. Check out her entry below:

Got an idea for a video? If we use your idea you might be eligible for a prize too!

Winning Entry - Jenell Masse

Hey - love your contest post! Here's my an instructional video on how to play a series of games using simple equipment. Van is teaching us how to play K.I.S.S. and we bring him to the school yard to play. It's quite a workout. It's just a game where you throw a tennis ball against the wall. There's more to it of course but the game is so simple and you really get moving. Also any games or drills he can do to keep busy when he's by himself. ..remember the garbage can, ball and hockey stick? He still plays that. It would be so fun to know a series of fun and simple games..accessible to anyone.

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