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Children in Indoor Playground

Parent and Tot

Class: Parent and Tot
Ages: 2-3
Class Time: 60 min


  • Foster a love of sports and active living at an early age and laying the foundation for skills development

  • Emphasis on listening, helping, fun and positivity.

Benefits / skills
  • Help children gain more control over their bodies

  • Socialization, listening skills, confidence building, coordination active living

  • Parents learn techniques that can be used in the home

  • A fun, structured and encouraging environment where kids learn basic skills of throwing, catching, kicking and laughing!

  • Progression based approach to develop coordination, balance, gross motor skills and hand eye skills.

  • Equipment is used that suits their bodies and coordination levels (toss a beanbag instead of a ball). Games are adapted according to their abilities. 

  • Children are always offered encouraging words for all their efforts.

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